Walking through the Canyon Ranch


Termas Papallacta owns a protected area of approximately 200 hectares, called Canyon Ranch, located at the entrance of Cayambe Coca Natural Reserve.




Our visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Antisana Volcano, which is elevated to 5704 meters above sea level.

Important notes :
Before starting a walk, if you have health problems it is important to visit our medical facilities.
Hiking´s are subject to weather conditions.


River path

Category: Research and adventure; guided tour
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Distance: 3 Km. (almost 2 miles)
Price: 8 USD per person with guide



Main attractions:
When taking this guided tour one can enjoy the wetlands and the high primary forest, while trekking on an ancient glacial valley where prehistoric plants and wet forest vegetation can be found.


Mintala path

Category: High mountain. Guided tour
Duration:  4 to 5 hours
Price:  10 USD per person with guide



Main attractions:
This path is recommended for those who need practice before climbing the snowy peaks. From the highest peak at 3987 meters (13150 feet) above sea level, one can see, on clear days, the Antisana snowy peak, the Choza Longo 1 and 2, the Antisanilla mount, the Cayambe snowy peak, the Sumaco volcano, part of the Cayambe-Coca Reserve and the whole town of Papallacta.


La Chorrera path

Category: Viewing the waterfalls; guided tour
Duration: 2 to 3 hours 
Distance: 2 Km. (almost 2 miles)
Price:  8 USD per person with guide



Main attractions:
The main tourist attraction of this path are the many waterfalls formed at the crags as the river from the Peine peaks makes its descent from the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve.

La isla path

Category:  Adventure, non-guided.
Duration: 1 hora
Distance: 1500 meters (almost 1 mile)
Price: 2 USD per person, without guide; 4 USD, with guide.



Main attractions:
The main attraction of this path is that its circuit follows part of the Loreto-Papallacta River through remains of primary forest and grasslands. Throughout the route one can observe many different varieties of orchids and watch several waterfalls, as well as feeling the excitement of crossing the bridges over the river.


Pailon path

Category: Adventure guided tour
Duration: 7 to 8 hours
Price: 15 USD per person with guide



Main attractions:
The main adventure of this trek is the crossing of almost 1 km. (5/8 of a mile) of very steep slopes.
From the highest peak at 4122 meters (13602 feet) above sea level one can see the Antisana and Cayambe snowy peaks, both Choza Longos and the Antisanilla mounts and the Sumaco volcano.