Who we are


Termas de Papallacta Spa & Resort is located in the Andean highlands, in a unique natural environment, formed by a committed team that will ensure to our visitors, a complete relaxation and rest experience.

Our team is constantly working to give you unforgettable moments, every day it strives to provide a warm, friendly service and high standards, always thinking about the details, and passionate about preserving the natural resource for future generations.


Our Mission:

We offer quality tourism services aimed at providing our customers with health, recreation, adventure and rest, as well as, promoting sustainable and efficient development of productive activities and commitment to the welfare of our employees.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to achieve leadership in contributing to sustainable tourism development in all sectors and areas of our action and influence.

Our Life Values:


Our History

The hopes and dreams of a group of 6 Ecuadorians began in 1994, when they found a hidden treasure in the middle of the Andes.
Find out how this dream became what is now Termas de Papallacta …


Hot Springs Properties


Richness of hydrothermal waters in Papallacta is due its location. A volcanic complex with more than 3 million years of persistent activity called Chacana, consisting of a large volcanic caldera 35 kilometers North-South and 15 kilometers east – west, including small volcanoes of very viscous lava called domes, half a hundred tributaries of hot springs, eruptions with large volumes of ash (magma pulverized) and many flows of andesitic washed (the last lava flow that formed the Papallacta lagoon mid-eighteenth century.

The hot springs that feed Termas Papallacta arise from deep geological layers through fissures up to the surface with all its healthy potential.  The source temperature of the thermal baths varies between 30°C and 70°C (86°F and 158°F). At the pools the temperature ranges from 36°C to 38°C (97°F to 100.4°F).

Papallacta´s thermal waters contain:

• Sulfates, sodium, calcium, chloride and traces of magnesium.
• Odourless, colourless but have a slightly salty taste.